Wisdom Diffuser


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“Embark on an enlightening journey of knowledge and understanding with our ‘Wisdom Reed Diffuser,’ a fragrant tribute to the profound wisdom found in Proverb 2:6. This scripture reminds us that wisdom flows from the divine, granting us knowledge and understanding beyond measure.

A Fragrant Ode to Wisdom:
Experience the essence of wisdom through the captivating notes of our ‘Wisdom Reed Diffuser.’ It’s a unique blend of Palo Santo, Turmeric, and Tonka that inspires and delights. These fragrances create a symphony of wisdom, reminding you of the extraordinary power and beauty that wisdom brings to our lives.

Cherish the Gift of Wisdom:
Let the Lord’s gift of true wisdom fill your space and heart as you embrace the ‘Wisdom Reed Diffuser.’ As Proverb 2:6 states, wisdom flows from the divine source, gifting us with knowledge and understanding. Cherish the rewards that wisdom bestows upon your journey.

Enlighten Your Surroundings:
Elevate your surroundings with wisdom. The ‘Wisdom Reed Diffuser’ is more than an aromatic accessory; it’s a daily reminder of the divine wisdom that guides us. Every breath you take infuses your space with the essence of knowledge, understanding, and the beauty of wisdom.

Explore the Path to Wisdom:
Begin your exploration of the path to wisdom with a cheerful heart. Discover the ‘Wisdom Reed Diffuser,’ and let the joy of Proverb 2:6 fill your life with enlightenment and the delightful aroma of wisdom.


Insert the included reeds into the unique"wisdom” fragrance bottle, and watch as they absorb the aromatic essence. These reeds then release a constant, gentle fragrance into your space, creating a serene atmosphere. No need for flames or fuss – just place the reeds and let the soothing scents flow.”



Note Profile:
Top:  Palo santo 
Middle: Turmeric 
Base: Tonka

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