“Embark on a profound journey toward holiness with our ‘Righteousness Candle,’ a testament to the divine inspiration found in Matthew 6:33. This sacred scripture beckons us to prioritize God’s righteousness above all else, guiding our souls towards purity and purpose.

The Fragrance of Divine Radiance:
The ‘Righteousness Candle’ envelopes your surroundings with a carefully-balanced blend of tangerine, orange peel, and coconut notes. Imagine the room filled with the sweet, juicy scent, refreshing your senses, uplifting your spirit, and soothing your soul. It’s more than an aroma;

A Reminder to Align with God’s Will:
Each time you light this candle, let it serve as a tangible reminder to align your life with God’s will. The fragrance becomes a beacon, illuminating your path to spiritual growth and a profound sense of purpose. As the candle burns, envision your journey to godliness, guided by the wisdom of scripture.



Note Profile:
Middle: Cotton Blossom 
Base: Powder 

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