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“Welcome to ‘Pure,’ a candle that boldly encapsulates the essence of redemption and renewal, drawing inspiration from the profound message of Psalm 51:7. This is not just a candle; it’s a triumphant celebration of the transformative journey of faith, inspired by the profound story of wrestling with sin and discovering our profound need for a savior. ‘Pure’ is the radiant result—a bold understanding and wholehearted acceptance of God’s boundless mercy as we ascend to new heights of appreciation.

A Fragrance of Profound Renewal:
Ignite ‘Pure,’ and you’ll be instantly transported to a sunlit, breezy day where the scent of line-dried sheets permeates the air. The fragrance begins with the soothing embrace of cotton blossom, gently mingling with a vibrant burst of zesty lemon, leading you to the heart of pure, invigorating linen. ‘Pure’ is a fragrant celebration of renewal, offering unparalleled clarity and a resolute fresh start with each illumination.

A Reminder of Redemption:
As ‘Pure’ radiates its bold, pure fragrance, envision your own redemption—a bold journey guided by grace and ignited by the unyielding faith that permeates your life. Let it serve as an unequivocal and resounding reminder of the redemption story we all share, echoing the message of Psalm 51:7. It calls us to confront our struggles with sin and to seek salvation, ultimately leading us to a deeper understanding and wholehearted embrace of God’s unwavering mercy.

Welcome ‘Pure’ into your world and let its radiant light, inspired by Psalm 51:7, guide you to a profound sense of renewal, acceptance, and the unmistakable transformative power of redemption.”

Note Profile:
Top: Linen
Middle: Cotton Blossom 
Base: Powder 

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