“Elevate your space to the epitome of luxury with our ‘Love Candle,’ a source of inspiration and a captivating fragrance experience. This candle is a celebration of the profound message of John 3:16, which reveals God’s boundless love through His Son, Jesus Christ, and what Christ did for us. It serves as a reminder of the boundless love of God, gentle and pure, yet infinitely powerful.

A Fragrance of Love:
Indulge in the aroma of divine love through our ‘Love Candle.’ Its blend of Sea Salt, Pineapple, and Freesia notes creates an opulent atmosphere filled with the essence of love, perfect for moments of reflection and luxury.

Inspired by Scripture:
John 3:16, which speaks of God’s boundless love through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the salvation He brings, is at the heart of this candle. It provides a daily reminder of this profound truth, letting you bask in the candle’s warm glow—a reminder of the extraordinary depth of God’s affection through Jesus.

Experience Divine Love and Redemption:
Experience the essence of divine love and the redemption brought by Jesus with our ‘Love Candle.’ It’s a perfect addition to your luxurious space, creating an atmosphere of love, opulence, and gratitude for what Christ did for us. It invites you to reflect and embrace the immeasurable love and salvation that surrounds us, made manifest through Jesus Christ.

Explore ‘Divine Love’ now and let the warmth of divine love, along with the redeeming message of Jesus, fill your life. Accompanied by the comforting scent and luxury you deserve, it’s a reminder of the incredible gift of love and salvation.”





Note Profile:

Top: Pineapple
Middle: Sea Salt  
Base: Freesia


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