Green Pastures


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“Introducing ‘My Green Pasture,’ a candle inspired by the serene verses of Psalm 23:2. This sacred scripture speaks of God’s guidance, leading us beside still waters and green pastures. The fragrance of ‘My Green Pasture’ elegantly blends the comforting notes of white cedar, coconut, and acaí. It’s a fragrance that transports you to a tranquil oasis.

Fragrance Details:
Light ‘My Green Pasture,’ and be enveloped in an aromatic journey that evokes the serenity of lush pastures. The white cedar imparts a sense of grounding and peace, while the coconut adds a touch of exotic warmth. Acaí contributes a subtle, fruity note, creating a fragrance that fills your space with a soothing and refreshing aura.

Biblical Inspiration:
‘My Green Pasture’ draws its inspiration from Psalm 23:2, ‘He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.’ This scripture reminds us of God’s gentle guidance and His ability to provide us with a peaceful oasis even in the midst of life’s challenges.

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