Virtuous Room Spray


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“Experience the elegance of virtue with our ‘Virtuous Room Spray,’ inspired by Proverb 31:10-31—a scripture that celebrates the enduring worth and wisdom of strong, wise, and endlessly inspiring women.

A Symphony of Elegance:
Elevate your space with the opulent fragrance of our ‘Virtuous Room Spray.’ It’s a harmonious blend of Pineapple, Sage, and Anise notes that inspire and uplift, creating an ambiance filled with the essence of elegance and luxury.

Cherish Divine Virtue:
Embrace the brilliance of virtue with a touch of opulence as you enjoy the ‘Virtuous Room Spray.’ Revel in the rewards that virtue bestows upon your life’s journey.

Elevate Your Space with Luxury:
Infuse your surroundings with a sense of elegance, strength, and virtue with the ‘Virtuous Room Spray.’ Explore this unique fragrance blend today and let it fill your space with the beauty of virtue and luxury.





Note Profile:
Top: Pineapple 
Middle: Sage 
Base: Anise



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