Mustard Seed Faith Diffuser


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Experience the gentle embrace of faith with our ‘Mustard Seed Faith Reed Diffuser,’ designed to offer constant encouragement and a captivating fragrance experience. Inspired by the timeless message of Matthew 17:20, this diffuser serves as a reminder that even the smallest faith can move mountains.

A Fragrance of Comfort:
Infuse your space with the comforting aroma of our ‘Mustard Seed Faith Reed Diffuser.’ Its blend of Lavender, Cotton Bud, and Eucalyptus notes creates an ambiance filled with warmth, perfect for moments of reflection and encouragement.

Inspired by Scripture:
Matthew 17:20 is at the heart of this diffuser, providing daily encouragement in your faith journey. Let its profound message uplift your spirits as the diffuser releases its comforting fragrance—a reminder of the enduring power of faith.

Nurture Your Faith Daily:
Allow the ‘Mustard Seed Faith Reed Diffuser’ to remind you to nurture your faith daily. Its captivating fragrance blend adds a touch of warmth to your surroundings while remaining a steadfast reminder of the incredible potential of even the smallest faith.

Experience Encouragement:
Experience the constant encouragement of faith with our ‘Mustard Seed Faith Reed Diffuser.’ It’s a perfect addition to your space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and faith, allowing you to reflect and find solace in the beauty of faith.

Insert the included reeds into the unique faith  fragrance bottle, and watch as they absorb the aromatic essence. These reeds then release a constant, gentle fragrance into your space, creating a serene atmosphere. No need for flames or fuss – just place the reeds and let the soothing scents flow.”
Note Profile:
Top: Clover Bud 
Middle: Lavender 
Base: Eucalyptus

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